Paper Tiger (AKA: John Samels) is a hip hop and electronic music producer / composer working in Brooklyn NY. As a founding member of the indie hip hop collective Doomtree, he is responsible for the production on many of Doomtree’s most crowd-pleasing singles, including “Low Light Low Life” from P.O.S, Doomtree’s Generator,” and Dessa’s “Call Off Your Ghost.” He’s got an ear for contagious, synthy melodies and a marked nostalgia for the 90s.

Aside from his own projects and crew productions, Paper Tiger also doubles as Doomtree’s live DJ. He’s spun at the X-games, toured North America and Europe on the crew’s epic No Kings and All Hands tours, and has built a reputation as a solo artist in his own right.His most recent accomplishments include his latest solo full length album In Other Words, and is a founding member of the Doomtree side project “Shredders”, releasing its debut full length album November 2017 with plans to your major markets in 2018.

Outside of his involvement with Doomtree, Samels has been active in creating site specific works for film and TV, and had a chance to compose the score for HBO’s Rock In A Hard Place documentary in 2017.